Session 164- Reviiri, Turku, Finland 10/26/18


We have the day off and catch the ferry at 20 tonight to Turku. It arrives at 07:45, quite early. Usually people have a big party on the ferry. We will see. I crashed at about 01 and am the first one up. Øyvin is feeling better but still not perfect. He sang pretty well last night considering we had talked about doing an instrumental set to save his voice.

10:40 Everyone but Sabine and I are still asleep. There was some food in the fridge for breakfast this morning but it turns out they ate it all last night, after I had gone to sleep. Bastards! They had juice, tea and I had some snacks so I was ok. Beautiful day outside but cold, -3C. I will transfer the shows to the computer and back them up now.

13:30 We went to a vegetarian buffet restaurant for lunch. It was excellent. We got a parking ticket, 745kr. Fuck. Jonathan had gone home to be with his family. We will meet him for some food at 18 before heading to the ferry.

17 We went around to some cool music stores and Jiri got some cables and extension boxes for electricity.

19:30 We are on the boat now and we have rooms in the lowest level of the show. A lot of engine noise down here. Cheap though.

26/10/18 Reviiri, Turku

It was quite a party on the boat but we all had a lot of fun. We were sitting inside but a security guy said we were not allowed to drink there in public. In your cabin or up on deck 9 outside, so that is where we went. It was cold but not too bad. I tried a couple of very good Finnish and one Swedish Microbrew beers. St. Eriks IPA. It was fun to be with the guys again and they sat up there and had some joints and beers until late. I left to go to bed at 11:30. Heard they had some wild times with some one almost stealing Tim’s jacket, and drinking with a Russian guy. I think they were up until 3!

11:30 Jonathan drove the van this morning as Jiri had a few drinks. We did not get stopped for a breath test. We are hanging out at Katja’s apartment now and have the whole day to chill out if we want.

I got a few hours extra sleep and had a shower and some tea. Sabine did not get any sleep. The rest of the guys are still all asleep. People will be very hungry when they get up.

14:00 We got some bread, cheese, and fruit at the store. 22.65€

The get in at the venue is at 18 so we decided to go take a walk into town to see a bit of Turku. They are about 15mins walk from the center.

17 We went to some music stores, a coffee bar for some coffee, tea and ice cream and cakes. Yum—– It was snowing a little bit. We took a band picture in the sun by a tree at some point, when the weather cleared for a few mins.

Schedule tonight is:

21:30 Warp Transmission

22:45 BMC

23:30 ØSC

20:55 The sound guys is insanely slow and this club mainly does punk rock and metal and are not at all prepare for bands with synthesizers. The mixer is not that good and has only 8 channels. Mogens is very upset and cannot get a good sound and has to go into a mic input and it all is a fucked up mess. They only have one monitor and mogens forgot the cable for the one that he brought.   BMC soundcheck was very fast and we tried out a bit of one of the new songs, Spaced out People but did not play it in the end.

The food prepared by one of Katja’s friend was all vegetarian but quite good bean-lentil patties, bread, cheese, and one other dish. They gave us lots of beer and there was vodka if you wanted it but I don’t think any of us drank it. Singer for Warp Transmission was totally gone later. They left after BMC though.

0200 The BMC gig was incredible. We really had an awesome gig. Set list was: Barnhard’s Loop, Stone Cold Killer, Plains and Andromeda, about an hour long. Audience was really into it. Great crowds in Finland. Warp Transmission was very cool live. Like Spine of God era Monster Magnet mixed with old early 70s Hawkwind, and a bit of GNOD or Terminal Cheesecake vibe. Great live band and cool people.

The ØSC gig was totally fucked up at the start due to Mogens situation. A real vibe killer. We tried to just get on with it and eventually something was sorted out but the stage was so small at this place both Mogens and I had to stand on the floor in the audience! We had some very cool jams, especially this sort of African one. Wow… Audience was amazing. I think we played about 100mins. There were 52 paid people and we ended up getting 385€.

I am very tired now and want to go crash. Sabine and I will go to one place and all the others to another. We got a place where the guy has some cats. Great night.

ØSC Set List:

  1. My sound is fucked Jam 09:39
  2. Band Intro- Tech problems 03:33
  3. Tim’s Boat Adventure 33:47
  4. Tale of the nearly Lost Coat 16:27
  5. Down to the Upper Deck 14:59
  6. Reviiri Jam for Katja 24:46

You can hear the show below


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