Session 167- Lygtens Kro, København May 23rd, 2019

First concert of the tour. The Black Moon Circle guys arrive at lunch time today, Jonathan and Tim come from Sweden at 17:30 and we will meet at the venue, Lygtens Kro in Copenhagen at 18. Sabine will arrive with the van around 16. It is a strange schedule at this bar with get in with the gear at 20, set up and soundcheck first at 10 and first band on at 23, and this is a Thursday night. It will be very late. The place is very cool but very small also. I think the main room holds max 40 people. It is basically like playing in a dining room or living room of a small home.

14 I am about to leave Roskilde and the BMC guys are in Christiania while Jiri fixes his pedal board and gets the gear ready for the van. Sabine will arrive soon. The BMC 5CD box set arrived in Hamburg so we will have it for the shows for sure! Things are looking good so far. The mood is great as is the weather!

I got to the venue at 16:15 after seeing Clotho one more time and getting an ice cream. Great weather. Anyway, guys were supposed to be at the venue at 16 and then Jiri was to get the Swedish guys. No one showed up until nearly 19. IT was not a big deal, as the soundman was not showing up until 20. They served us bratwurst and some cold veggie vinegar salad with red cabbage and potatoes. The sausage was really good but Tim and I did not like the vinegar-pickled veggies at all.   The mood was great and everyone was so happy. Thomas Thor is a crazy guy and quite fun but intense. It will be a wild time playing with him. He has a lot of gear with him and this is a small set up!

Anyway, it was very late before we got set up and soundchecked. BMC basically only got a line check after ØSC was ready and started a bit after 23. IT was totally packed. This was the debut gig with the new drummer, Daniel. He is a really nice guy. Anyway, the crowd really liked the BMC set and Daniel was great and rocked harder than I expected. Some of the BMC songs have changed a few parts to fit a bit more with his style of playing. The band played: Plains, Stone Cold Killer, Jack’s Cold Sweat and The Ghost. Øyvin had some problems with the bass at the start of Jack so we had to really sort of figure out what we wanted to do and just sort of jammed around it until he sorted it out. Cool gig. People wanted an encore but there was no time.

ØSC started maybe 20mins later. I was really tired but we just went for it. Wow. What a fucking intense gig. Jonathan and Vemund both had a killer guitar sound and Thomas Thor, he was insane. He and Tim were really locked in and it was groovy, funky and crazy shit. I pushed us all into strange places. The entire show as pretty much uptempo. There was a power outage in the middle of the show and Tim and Thomas just kept on jamming. Daniel came on as well and played the goat ears and I used the chimes a bit. IT was probably 15mins before they got the power on again. Later Martin (Fri Galaxe, Univerzals) joined on the drums and Tim played some percussion for a while and then filmed for a few minutes. The entire show was wild and we never really came down and spaced out, as Thomas was full on all the time. He played solos all the time, leaving very little space for others. Vemund hardly got any solos. Jonathan took quite a few and he and Thomas did a lot of cool stuff with the violin and synth. He was a bit too intense. It was fun to play with him but we would have had a tough time doing 2 week with him. Nice guy though.
Fotos below by Sabine.

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