Session 179- Woodstock, Christiania, DK Nov 7th, 2019

Woodstock, Christiania… I saw my daughter after work and then took the train to Copenhagen. I stopped at the Hostel to check us all in and drop off my suitcase and then off to Christiania. It was about 1815 when I got there and the guys all arrived about the same time. The club was so smoky. Incredible. I had no idea how I would manage to be in that place playing music for 3 hrs???   Anyway, after some greetings we got down to business and BMC set up the gear and Jiri set up the mixer and connected to their PA speakers and set up a couple of monitors. I went to get some food and came back 10 mins later. This place is small so we were really packed in there. There was no soundcheck, really. ØSC was playing first at 20. All went pretty smooth and the ØSC line up was only a five piece and the new guitar player in Fri Galaxe, Jiri and Martin’s band, would play with us for the first time. He was a guy in mid 60s I guess and a really nice guy. Anyway, ØSC started on time and played for nearly 2hrs. It was a cool concert with some great dynamics and Søren really went for it and played some wild solos and came up with some great starting guitar riffs. Fun show.. Enjoy it below.


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