Session 181- London, UK Nov 23rd, 2019

London Kybalion Psych Out Nov 23rd, 2019

Day 2…   I had fun last night and was looking forward to play longer tonight. Alex (Dream Machine) and Jon (ex-Ozrics) showed up around 18 and we could use a few guitar amps and things from them so Jonathan had a much better sound tonight and they would join for some jams as well. I wanted us to start at 1930 but there were only about 10 people. We had sold about 20 advance tickets. We agreed we would start anyway and play an hour and then Batu could talk after when more people were here. We did just that and it was a cool first set. Alex and Jon joined in the 2nd set after Batu spoke again. It was a very poor crowd. Maybe 25 people total with Batu’s friends. We sold 4 tickets at the door.

Anyway, Jon added something new with all the flutes and he did a bit of singing as well. I liked it as he was good and fitting in but some people for sure did not like it at all. Some thought he was dominating the show too much. Alex played some killer solos and we had some very interesting jams for sure. I look forward to hear the recording. Anyway, 2nd set was about 90mins and we ended about 2315. Andy needed to leave with the gear.

Musically, we were awesome I think but as an event, it was a disaster. Sadly, I can’t see us ever doing this again. IT is such a huge work with everything to organize and only to lose money.   Great idea but in the end, it comes down to that we are not a popular band and our host Batu lives in another reality and was totally unprepared for this event and many promises were made and unfulfilled. We can pretend we are the best space rock band (and some think we are) but not enough people recognize us or are willing to support us and that is the reality we just have to accept. We will never be at the popularity level of our peers in the scene, even though we are as good or better.

Listen to the show below: