Session 169- Spaceboat VI.1, Hamburg, DE May 25th, 2019

We were up at about 8 and feeling good. Weather is cool and grey. We have to be back at the boat at 10 and people on at 10:30 and sails at 11. BMC plays at 11…

Øyvin and Jiri got back with the BMC box sets, which look amazing, about 10 so we were a little later than expected to the boat but all was cool and people were waiting and set up, getting some food, etc. all went smooth. Nearly as many people as yesterday. Weather was cold and gray but no rain.

BMC started right as the boat was leaving the pier and Anders joined us for the entire concert. We played Supernova, about 25mins version and then a long and super cool version of Enigmatic Superbandit. The audience were really into this one as well and Anders followed the changes and introduced great ideas. It was amazing. We had 10mins left and decided to do Jack’s Cold Sweat again, even though this is a tough one for Øyvin to sing. Crowd loved it.

Took 15mins and then ØSC hit the stage again and off we went. Wow… We played two sets for about 2hrs 25mins. There were about half new people from the day before and a lot of the same of course. We played fucking amazing and Tim was just incredible with the drum grooves and energy. Everyone killed it. Jonathan and Vemund played killer guitar, Anders fit perfect and read the changes in the band with perfection. Just incredible and the audience just scream for more and more even though we are back at the dock. So amazing. Wow… Chanting Dr Space… insane.

We sold like 1600€ in two days for both bands. Not sure how many of the new shirts we sold but maybe 20% of the audience had their old shirts on. It makes me very happy and proud. A few people came up and commented on how great this line up of the band is.

We were all very hungry and tired after the gig but also very happy. It was about 17 when we finished everything and filled up gas and went to eat at an Indian restaurant. We ate everything. It was 164€ for the dinner.

We got back to Sabine’s at about 19 and most people just hung outside and smoked and drank beers. I crashed at 22 and Tim was really tired and not feeling well so was in bed at 20. The others stayed up til midnight. Everyone was feeling great.

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