Session 170- Urban Spree, Berlin DE May 26th, 2019

May 26th

We managed to get up, shower, eat a huge breakfast, coffee, etc. reload the van with new merch, etc. and leave just before 11. We had to stop to let Sabine vote, but that was close by. Then she forgot her glasses so we had to turn around and go back but we had not gone far. Now it is 12 and the GPS says 238km, 2.5hrs.. If we don’t take too many breaks, we should arrive in time for the check in at 15 and soundchecks, which we have until 18. Doors open at 18 and Cosmic Fall is on at 19. BMC at 20 and ØSC at 21. Curfew is 21. I hope we have a great turn out. Jeff, Brad and Siggi from Pothead are supposed to come. We will see..

Gray, cold and a bit of rain at the moment. I prefer the heat of last year but I think the other prefer this weather. It was a bit too hot last year though. We are listening to Widespread Panic at the moment. Then Asoka and Fela…

16 We are setting up to soundcheck. Tim is really sick. Øyvin is sick. Not good. Janne cannot come until 20… Fuck… not well… Place is cool and we are setting up. Only 40 pre-sold tickets.

19       Not many people. Food was burned up so there was just fruit and veggies and some dips and later bread. So we all had to go out and eat and pay our own again. We will not play Berlin again under these circumstances. Last time. Sound guy was good but not as cool as Rasmus. Some sort of attitude about him but he did a good job it seems.

Anyway, Cosmic Fall will start later. Jonathan is set up to multitrack record.

01.00               Cosmic Fall was really good but the drummer was way too loud in the mix. He pounded the drum like hell. Great guitar player. I could not hear the bass player so much. Long spacey jams with long guitar solos. I really liked it. I did not watch it all to save my ears.

BMC was on about 2030 and it was a short 45min set of powerful songs. Øyvin is still sick so it was good he was not drinking yesterday or smoking much. His voice is already rough and he has 9 shows, including this one. I am surprised he wants to stress and push his voice when he is sick. They choose some of the most difficult songs for him to sing to play. Jack’s Cold Sweat, Andromeda, Stone Cold Killer, and The Ghost. Powerful stuff. Crowd loved it.

ØSC was on very fast and infact, they were all out there playing pretty much right away and so I hurried up. I think Vemund and I were the last to join and off we went. I think we only played 3 jams for about 75mins or so and then Tim could not play anymore. Poor guy is very sick with high fever. He killed it though. Wow. The dynamics were incredible and Janne was so cool and rhythmic. The audience was totally blown away by the show and it was so different from last year. Like a new band. Daniel came up and we had one more encore jam. I think about 15 or so people left. IT was a bit before 23 now. This one was also really dynamic and Daniel was great and plays much heavier than Tim. Very good drummer also.

We sold 210€ and BMC 70€—-Ok for so few people.

We got our 400€ and Henk lost money. IT was a hell at the end of the night though as Tim was nearly dying and we had not totally safe place to part the van, the hostel is far away, we had to take a cab (10€). NO idea what time the others arrived or where they parked the van but we were back at 01—-

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