Session 174- Fontaine Palace, Leipaja Latvia May 31st, 2019

May 31st

We are off to play at a school for some local children today. He will pick us up at 10. After the school, we have 370km drive to the Latvian seaside for the Fontaine Hotel. Great weather again.

What at trip this was. We arrived at the school about 10.15 and had to rush to set up our gear with the PA from the club (soundman from the previous night was there to help and set up mics, etc..).. Anyway, were set up and at 11, the kids from the school came in for a special concert! BMC started and we sort of morphed into ØSC as the other guys just joined it. Vemund and I tried to get the kids to come up and play guitar and synthesizer. It was not so successful but they were more successful getting kids up to play drums. I think the kids must have thought what the fuck is this???? Like if Hawkwind jammed at your school in 1971!! We had fun and played for like 45mins. It was crazy…

Afterwards, we had some fotos with the principal of the school, who was super cool and totally into it. This was the first time they had ever done something like this at the school before. We also had lunch with here in the cafeteria and then we packed our gear and drove off to Latvia with a smile.

It was a long day, as we did not arrive at the Fontaine Palace until after 18. What an amazing music complex with a small bar and stage downstairs and one of the coolest venues you could image upstairs. Super high ceilings all wood on the floors, ceiling and the biggest stage besides Roskilde Festival I have every played. Great sound. The sound guy, Forest was the best we had on the tour and super helpful with everything including setting up the hard disc recorder.

Anyway, we had 3 free 50cm pizza coupons but we had pizza for the last three days so we just ordered what we wanted from the menu and I paid for it. It was 61€ or something.

Soundcheck went fine and we had some Mezpils, which was the local brew. The IPA was really good. Anyway, BMC hit the stage at 23 and there were perhaps 20 people but I don’t think any of them came for the music. IT was just the coolest bar in town and the DJ was good. Played mostly 60s classics before and inbetween our sets and then a few 80s hits.

BMC Set: Machine on the Hill, Plains, Ghost and Stone Cold Killer.

Jonathan and Tim thought were killed it. I think it was pretty cool and they guys rocked hard. I was not so happy with my playing though.

Had 20mins to rest and then ØSC hit he stage. Maybe 30. It was 36 paid people (I found out later). We played a short but pretty awesome show. I think I was the weak link. I was just too tried and not inspired at all. We gave 100% and Tim was killing in on the drums. Hardly stopping at all in the 70min set. We had fun and some people really liked it like Forest the sound man, Edgars, are booker and a few members of the audience. We sold nothing but then again, the merch was covered up with a red blanket the entire night until after we played. So what do I expect??

It was 230 by the time I got to sleep and the alarm was set for 8, as we have to be on the road by 830 for the long drive to the ferry in Estonia. We have to arrive by 16 or we are fucked. Gives us 7.5 hrs.. If you drive with no traffic and direct you can make it in 6hrs we are told.

Fotos by Sabine.
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