Session 173- Fenix Bar, Alytus, Lithuania May 30th, 2019

May 30th

I was the first up today at 7:30. Could not sleep more. A lot of traffic and noisy on this side of the building where our room is. Tim was asleep year, still not back to 100% healthy. Vemund seems to be doing better though. No one is really sick any more, just a few with small colds. Sunny and nice today as we head to Alytus, Lithuania. Only 1hr or less to drive today.

The promoter will get the keys for the hostel at 12 today and also the venue. He said he could not promise many people. We still get a little money. 70€ or something, place to sleep…   No guest synth player today. Elder is playing in Lithuania tonight as well but in the capital about 40-50km a way.

Hope some of the guys are not too hungover!! We will see. 5 more gigs to go. One more day off when we take the ferry to Sweden from Finland. Rock and roll…..

1040 Tim, Sabine and I had an hour long walk around the lake area here. It is beautiful here. Super nice day. We have to move our clocks ahead an hour when we go to Lithuania. Øyvin, Vemund and Jiri are still sleeping.

16 We arrived at the cool little club in good time and the owner7/booker was there and so nice. He took us to the hostel place and we could chill out for a while, as the sound guy would not be there before 18. Beautiful area around here and we had a walk down to the river and around a bit and then came back and he arrived with 8 pizzas we demolished most of them and then went to the club.

It was a 3 floor stage, quite interesting with the drums in a cage. We all found out spots but monitoring was a bit strange. We ended up using one of our own as well. A lot of teenagers hanging around in the artsy backyard and playing the games in the bar. Nice upstairs for the bands with big sofas, pool table, and bathroom.

We did have an incident and Vemund was stuck in the backroom for 15mins and the guy eventually had to drill out the lock. It was crazy there was no way to get the door off.   We did get him out though.

BMC started about 2115 and played a short 45min set- Stone Cold Killer, Enigmatic Superbandit and Andromeda, all songs we have only played once on this tour. Vemund was back on fire, as he was feeling well. It was not a good gig for me though as no one could hear me except myself so I played in a bubble. Pity… We played to about 6 people, who stayed in the room all the time.

ØSC played for about 10. We played 90mins and it was a fun show with some cool jams but Sabine later told me that you could almost not hear me at all. This made me very angry that Øyvin, Daniel, Jiri, none of them bother to tell the soundman??? IT made me feel like my contributions just don’t matter to them at all. No one could hear me on the stage. Vemund is the only one who seems to care about this. They don’t even ask for any of me in the monitor on their side, so why am I there at all??? Perhaps I will sit out a gig our two??? See how they all manage. Maybe it is better without me… Made me very unhappy.

We sold 0 merch last night. That is the first. Dresden we sold 1 record. Doing very bad on the merch. Only sold 10 shirts in 8 gigs. We drag a lot with us but only in a few places do we sell anything of significance- berlin, Hamburg…

Fotos by Sabine.

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