Session 176- Vastavirta, Tampere, Finland June 2nd, 2019

June 2nd   15:40

We stayed at Santtu’s parents place again and managed to get off for some food around 13. Everyone got a shower and was in a good spirit. We could check emails, etc… Now we are nearly at Tampere and people are for sure more rested and Daniel is back feeling much better. Cloudy, grey, sometimes rain. No so cold though. Had a lot of nice talks with Tim today. I love this guy. Such a sweet and nice person and amazing drummer…

WE had a huge lunch/breakfast and the headed off to Tampere listening to a Grateful Dead jam from 1974 that was 45mins long. Some cool stuff. It is cloudy and cool and it rains every now and then. We arrived at the club at 17 but nothing was happening until 18 when the soundman Matti was showing up. Donald was there and Vesa as well.

Donald, Tim, Jonathan and I went to a public sauna for an hour. IT cost 8€ and was amazing. Wow.. I needed that. The lake was like 6C so it was fucking cold when you went in… I only did the lake once but went into the sauna 3x. We also had a beer. I was so relaxed both physically and mentally.

When we got back the van and band was gone. It was 18 now and we should be loading in. The backstage it was sort of the same food as last time, cold pasta, some cold sauce (looked a bit Thai inspired with some tomatoes, and soy strips), chips, salad, etc…. hardly better than last time. I ate a huge salad.

We loaded in fast and then I went off to a famous place just up the street and ordered one of their famous dishes, schnitzel! 18€ but damn it was good and the fries were excellent as well with a good spice on them. One beer but the Sandels beer is awful. I don’t like it at all. I could not even finish one.

Soundcheck was complicated and we invited Donald to play Banjo with us as well. We never had a banjo on stage with us before. Anyway, no soundcheck for BMC at all. Warp Transmission set up and soundchecked but thought they were playing 2nd so took all down when we were not looking and this set everything back 30mins.

Warp Transmission was great and played almost all new songs. Very stoned, spacey stuff… We all dug it. I bought a shirt for 12€..

BMC set was great. Daniel was nearly back to normal again. The Ghost, Enigmatic Supebandit (long) and Andromeda. About 50mins. IT was multitrack recorded.. Øyvins voice was gone though so he did not sound good at all today. Pity..

The ØSC set just sort of started. Tim, Jonathan and Jiri were playing even before I could start recording. IT was another 5mins before Vemund got up there. It took a while to get us into it but then we played some far out stuff. Donald probably joined for 45mins. Vesa left at first and then joined again later and at the end Vemund and Jonathan had left and it was only 5 of us left.. to end the show. About 90mins….

I think everyone thought it was a bit too much with Vesa. It was difficult stuff he played for us to jam along to. Super player and nice person…

Fotos by Sabine

Fotos by Scott.

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