Session 171- Ostepol, Dresden, DE May 27th, 2019


May 27th   9:16

We have to be out at 10 from the hostel. No idea if the others will be ready. Tim just had a shower and is feeling better but he still have a fever. Sabine was up early and so was I as the other 4 guys sleeping in this room still have their stuff here so I think they work in Berlin or have job interviews or something but it was a terrible night sleep. I am not feeling well. Day is grey but not cold.

We do not have far to go today but we have a lot to do. Jiri needs E strings for his bass; we need batteries, and a few other things. Show is early tonight though and short sets. BMC on at 20 and ØSC 21 and other band at 22:30–

We arrived more than an hour before to Ostepol. A very cool old house that is the club. IT is all from the old East Germany, including everything in the house from old toys to chairs, tables, paintings. IT is like going back in time.

Anyway, the weather was excellent and sunny and we took a bit of walk some of us and managed to find a music store but they did not have the strings Jiri wanted. Øyvin bought some sort of cable. Not a very cool store and the staff acted like we were not even there. No movement at all to help or ask if you wanted any help. Strange??

Anyway, Robin, the cook and bar guy opened the door at 17 and the Austrian band, Mr Slipper and the lazy Cats, had showed up. They also played in Berlin last night. Super nice guys and some of the guys from the club Graf Hugo in Feldkirsch, where we had played many years ago. Super nice people. I talked quite a bit with them. Their drummer was older and quite a character…

Everything ran later today, which was a bummer. Soundchecks and setting up on the small stage was slow and the Austrian band took a very long time. IT was time for the doors to open and ØSC had not even set up yet. We did it very fast and then BMC was as quick as possible but it was now 20 and this is when the show as to start. They delayed everything until 21:15 so we had some pasta (vegan) with beer and that was our dinner. There was some fruit and veggies and chocolate earlier. Free drinks basically. Some of the organizer people had seen ØSC at Heavy Days in Doomtown and were very happy that we came to their town.

Our guest, Scott McClean, from Scotland, was a great guy. He had been living in Dresden for 1.5 years. He had a compact synth set up and we talk a bit. Very nice guy. We all got on well with him.

Managed to set up the HD24 hard disc recorder tonight. Sound man was really cool.

When we were eating this older couple came in and apparently they come to all the shows but the lady she made these loud yells every min or so. IT was very disturbing and strange. Like a dog that barks every now and then. You sort of get used to it. Apparently, they used to come to this club 50 years ago and they still come today. Strange but cool.

BMC set was the last three songs, we had not yet played on the tour. American Eagle, Machine on the Hill and Warp Speed. We blasted them!! About 45mins set and very heavy and powerful. I had fun. The stage was very crowded. Hard disc stopped after 14mins and I restarted it so we basically only got warp speed. Pity… vocal will be distorted though as channel 17, was always peaking. He said he could not make the output lower.

ØSC played one of our shortest shows ever. 45mins. It was hard for anyone to get into it though as we are all to worry about the time to just disappear into the music. IT was for sure my worst show of the tour. Jiri was killing it and Scott was cool to play with. He some Pink Floyd like stuff and then also more heavy synths. He did a cool solo at the end of the set. People really loved it but it was by far the worst show so far. Nice sound on stage for me but loud as always.

Mr Slippery and the Lazy Cats was a fun band and put a lot of energy into their strange and twisted garage rock. Two guitars and drums. They only played for like 15 people but they had fun. Nice folks. I saw most of their show. I also multitack recorded it.

We started to pack down and move our stuff right away so we could just go get some sleep as people were tired from the day before and we also have a ling drive to Poland tomorrow.

Sold 35€ for BMC and 18€ for ØSC. Not good. Only 80€ from the door.

We were at the hostel place at 1230 so it was not too late. I think some of the others stayed up probably til 2 drinking and smoking though. We have to get up at 7.

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