Session 172- Hydro, Warsawa, Poland May 27th, 2019

May 28th (Tuesday)

It was about 830 by the time we really got going and headed out of town today. The goal was 8. It is 600km to Warszawa. We are almost always late but the last two days it has been good and actually, on this tour, we have not yet been late!!!

IT is 12 and we are about 350km from Warsaw now so it goes well. We have been listening to Crosby Stills and Nash, Blackberry Smoke, Hendrix. (Blues). Battery will die soon on the Ipod. Mood is good. Now Vemund is the sick one but he can sleep in the car and usually sleeps most of the day away every day.

It has been raining most of the day but it has stopped now.  Yeah Right. We hit some of the most insane thunderstorms on the drive to Warszawa. It was scary as you could not see anything at all and Jiri kept going, nearly full speed.

Anyway, we arrived about 16:45 after lots of traffic. It was a cool club and the other band, Alters, was there. It was nice to meet Robert, their drummer who was the one who booked the show. They had 40 pre-sale tickets and expected about 100. Only 60 came out though.

It all went pretty smooth with the line checks and Marysia, who played with us, was very nice and cool. Alters and BMC were the only ones to have a sort of soundcheck, ØSC only a line check.

Afterwards we had some pizza but there was not enough at all. Jiri and Vemund could have eaten twice as much. 4 big pizzas for 11 people. Anyway we got free warm beers (Petra) and a case of water in the back stage. Nice people but they did not want to give us any cold drinks. They had a lot cool Polish IPAs and I tried 3 of them. This Forest one was awesome. 15 sl each. I got the labels.

Anyway, Alters did not start until 20:30 and original schedule was 1930 and then 20 and then 20:15— it always go this way and then there is a curfew and ØSC does not get to play as long. It was ok on this night.

Alters are a very cool three piece with drums, bass and guitar but both the bass and guitar play a special little keyboard, sampler, effects table. They had very short song collages and then sometimes like prog rock. I enjoyed it a lot.

BMC hit the stage as fast as we could and opened with the Ghost and into Plains and closed with Jack’s cold Sweat. Øyvin is still sick and Vemund was running a fever and really not well but we made it through the set and rocked the place in like 40mins, I think. Vemund was very bluesy today on the guitar. Vocals were a bit rough. People liked it.

ØSC hurried up and I guess we played to about 40 people but they were mostly really into it and I think we played an excellent show. Marysia was cool to play with. She mostly played he Korg MS10 and also her Poly six with some effects. Not a super solo player but a good listener and some cool parts. I think her MS10 was out of tune sometimes though.

I think we played about 90mins. IT was all recorded and multitrack recorded last night. Great night. We packed the van and went to the hostel around 1am. I had a lot of fun.   Sold 1320 sl in merch.